The preparatory meeting for international science and technology organizations was successfully held

To link global innovation resources, promote international civil technology exchanges, empower the development of new productive forces, on the afternoon of April 28, the Symposium of the Establishment of Science and Technology International Organization jointly sponsored by the District Science and Technology Bureau, the District Association for Science and Technology, Shaoxing Golden Keqiao Sci-Tech City and the Anchang Sub-district Office was held in DSW, over ten high-level talents from countries such as France, Italy, Iran and South Africa attended the meeting.



This symposium aims to create a local international research cooperation organization. By organizing cutting-edge conferences covering a wide range of fields such as information technology, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, etc., it will bring together experts and talents from different countries to promote international scientific and technological cooperation and innovation.

At the meeting, representatives of foreign experts from the park such as Professor Bhekie Mamba, Academician of the South African Academy of Sciences, and Professor Jean Guy, an expert from France, delivered speeches.



During the tea break, high-level talents from both domestic and overseas engaged in in-depth discussions with representatives of local technology enterprises, sharing personal insights on the conference topics and offering future outlooks.

The successful conclusion of this international scientific and technological organization establishment meeting has built a highly valuable bridge for the park to deeply connect with global innovation resources. It has also injected a continuous stream of innovative vitality into promoting international civil technology exchanges and broadening cooperation paths.


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