Keqiao International Park Monthly Magazine: 集聚区月刊 April issue 四月刊


01 Exchange and Communication


UK Study Talent Project Roadshow

On April 1st, the High-Level Talent Projecct for UK-bound Students went to Keqiao, experiencing firsthand the local innovation and entrepreneurship environment. A series of “cutting-edge” projects, such as the development of sunscreens based on zein protein, spectral detection and diagnosis of perovskite photovoltaics, were showcased at the Global Roadshow Center in the cluster area. Young doctoral candidates engaged in in-depth discussions and explored potential collaborations with private enterprises and technology companies.



On April 2nd, the Overseas High-Level Talent Symposium was held at the International Scientists Exchange Center in the park. Experts from countries including France, Italy, Iran and South Africa gathered together to discuss development initiatives.



On April 18th, the Talent and Technology Enterprise Investment and Financing Matchmaking Conference was held at the Global Roadshow Center of the Zhejiang(Shaoxing) High-Level Foreign Experts Innovation Center in Golden Keqiao Sci-Tech City. The event provided precise matchmaking services for talent-based enterprises in terms of investment and financing, fostering consensus among institutions, banks, and enterprises, effectively promoting the deep integration of the “innovation chain, talent chain, and capital chain,” and supporting high-quality development of enterprises.



On April 22nd, the unveiling ceremony of the Academician Zhou Qifeng Workstation was held at the park. This marks another significant achievement in our region’s efforts to build a high-level innovation hub, which will serve as a top-tier innovation platform for Keqiao, promoting the deep integration of industrial and innovation chains, and injecting new momentum into the development of new productive forces.



On April 28, the Symposium of the Establishment of Science and Technology International Organization jointly sponsored by the District Science and Technology Bureau, the District Association for Science and Technology, Shaoxing Golden Keqiao Sci-Tech City and the Anchang Sub-district Office was held in DSW, over ten high-level talents from countries such as France, Italy, and South Africa attended the meeting.To link global innovation resources, promote international civil technology exchanges, empower the development of new productive forces.




02 Leadership care

On April 7th, Fang Youmei, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department, visited the park.



On April 16th, Mei Zhi, the Deputy Director-General of Organization Department of Sanmen County Committee in Taizhou City, led a delegation to visit the park.



On April 19th, Xu Jianbing, Secretary of the Leqing Municipal Committee, visited the park.



On April 22nd, Wu Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party Group of the Zhejiang Provincial Association for Science and Technology, visited the park.



On April 23rd, Wang Hongwei, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, visited the park.



On April 24th, Jiang Xueqiang, Deputy Director of the Reform Office of the Shaoxing Municipal Committee, visited the park.



On April 25th, a delegation from the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Cixi City visited the park.



On April 26th, a delegation from the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau visited for inspection.




03 Humanistic activities

On April 27th, foreign friends from the park went to Jidong Tea Garden to experience Chinese tea culture and enjoy the rich scenery of spring.



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