“Fun” spring outing plan

Spring is bright and everything is reviving, making it a good time for outings. On April 27th, the foreign friends of Zhejiang (Shaoxing) High-Level Foreign Experts Innovation Center carry out a spring outing to experience Chinese tea culture and appreciate the rich spring scenery.

The activity began, and everyone went to the tea garden to manually pick tea leaves. The spring was warm and the flowers bloomed, the tea mountains were verdant, and the eyes were filled with new greenery. Everyone carefully picked the taste of spring, and each handful of spring tea was a gift from nature and the hard work of craftsmen.

The process of picking and frying tea is not only a kind of labor, but also a kind of enjoyment. Here, you can feel the gift of nature and experience the fun of hand-picking and frying tea.




During the tea tasting process, the tea master demonstrated the use of tea utensils for everyone, and demonstrated tea ceremony skills and etiquette. Subsequently, under the guidance of tea artists, everyone have hands-on practice and experience the entire process of tea brewing. In the atmosphere of tea fragrance, everyone watched the tea shape, appreciated the tea ceremony, learned the tea ceremony, and expressed their opinions on tea culture with tea technology. The atmosphere was  harmonious.


Tea foaming and drawing art  is a traditional way of drinking tea in China, which began in Tang Dynasty and flourished in Song Dynasty. Tea foaming and drawing art is not only a way of making tea, but also a process of self-cultivation. Tea art teachers encourage everyone to actively create, with tea pot as the pen, with tea paste as the ink, on the foam to depict what the heart thinks, the heart wishes. Through the Song Dynasty tea experience activities, let foreign friends more deeply feel the broad and profound Chinese tea culture, appreciate the charm of tea foaming and drawing art, and stimulate everyone’s strong interest in learning Chinese intangible cultural heritage.


This activity allows everyone to feel the spirit of “integrating integrity with tea” through picking tea, frying tea, and enjoying a cup of tea. It is also a continuation of China’s traditional culture.


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