KIP Hosted Visitors from the Bureau of HR & Social Security

In the afternoon of 12th August, a team of distinguished visitors from the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Shaoxing City made a visit to Keqiao International Park (KIP). The team was led by Professor Yi Lili, deputy director of  the Bureau and assoicate professor at Central Party School. The team was welcomed by the Director, Administrative Manager and other staff at KIP, and start-up owners and entrepreneurs from the park.

The meeting began by the Director of KIP giving a general overview about the park and the activities it promotes. Having the floor handed over to her, the Officer expressed her appreciation to the warm reception she and her team received and right away delved into the objective of her visit. She first, and foremost, expressed her keen interest in knowing how and why the entrepreneurs chose particularly Shaoxing to start up their ventures. The entrepreneurs, in their turn, reflected on what made them base their decision to select the city to run their business operations. Here are a few of the many remarks made:

Omar said he based his decision after doing preliminary research and consulting friends who already have been doing their business in Shaoxing. Nevertheless, he remarked, coming up with tangible information particularly had been challenging given the fact that online platforms do not accommodate the needs of foreigners when it comes to getting the necessary information to base their decisions mainly due to language barriers. Hamza attributed his choice to the community and family-like atmosphere at KIP and the supportive governmental structures in Keqiao a fact which was backed by subsequent entrepreneurs who voiced their views. Equally important, the entrepreneurs remarked, is the possible network of like-minded people one can easily be connected with.

Tomas emphasized on the aspects that having a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and a reliable support system in Keqiao would allow for aspiring entrepreneurs to build a promising future for the city while at the same time enhancing their own personal development. For Adriana the reason she chose KIP particularly to base her business was the supportive environment in the park and her prospects to boost her art and design business. Overall, the entrepreneurs expressed their anticipation to do more and better under the umbrella of KIP.The Officer asked, again, to know how the participants would like to attract other foreigners and investors or, conversely, how the Nation should open up for foreigners. One of the comments given was to ‘internationalize’ the websites and communication platforms in a way that suits foreigners in terms of content design and language used. Reaching out to foreigners via social media networks that would result in a tangible outcome as we are in an era where social media is prevalent all across the globe was also among the other important comments made.

Finally, the Officer and her team had the time to look at products’ display by ventures at the park.
Slogan that would represent entrepreneurship in Keqiao (and Shaoxing in general) in entrepreneurs’ words:
“Foreigner recruit foreigner” – Hamza
“Under the wings of Shaoxing you can go far” – Pacifique




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