KIP Hosted Visitors from Wenzhou Sci-Tec Association

In the morning hours of July 20, 2021 directors from Wenzhou Science and Technology Association visited Keqiao International Park. During their visit, the honored guests learned the story of the park from its inception to its current level as they toured in the park guided by members of KIP explaining the photo gallery depicting various activities including the park’s collaboration with external partners.

The administrators of KIP briefed the visitors on the origin of the cooperation between the park and Italy, elucidating how the relation developed to include other countries such as France and Morocco with Italy at the center.

The director of KIP mentioned that he gained huge insight when he visited Italy in 2020. The transformation of the many textile enterprises and factories in Italy to incubator and innovation parks exclusively dedicated to scientific and technological development has been not only challenging but also inspirational. This transformation markedly coincides with the development of Shaoxing, which has allowed both parties to learn from one another.

The visitors on their side expressed their thanks and appreciated the efforts being undertaken at KIP to promote innovation-led entrepreneurial activities and conveyed their respect and admiration to the achievements the park has thus far realized.


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