15th July | Zhejiang Foreign Experts Bureau Visits KIP

On July 15, 2021, Keqiao International Park (KIP) hosted distinguished officers from Zhejiang Foreign Experts Bureau. Led by deputy director of the Bureau Mr. Hongwei Zhang, the group’s visit aimed at discussing major issues with members of KIP to help them have a dynamic entrepreneurship environment where they can continue to grow their businesses while successfully integrating with the Chinese community.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Hongwei Zhang thanked the director of KIP, Mr. Jianping Zhang for inviting the group over to the park and delivered a welcoming note to all members of KIP. Mr. Hongwei Zhang assured foreign entrepreneurs in KIP that they are welcome to be part of the Chinese entrepreneurial ecosystem. He first, and foremost, acknowledged the efforts undertaken by Mr. Jianping Zhang and his staff in building a thriving community of international talents and entrepreneurs and expressed his optimistic expectations that the community will grow even bigger so that it will contribute meaningfully to the Chinese economy. Moreover, he emphasized on the fact that the talents and entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their startups in Keqiao are highly expected to call up on their colleagues and networks to be part of the thriving science and technology-based Chinese economy. This will be highly appreciated, he noted, especially if the prospective entrepreneurs focus on science- and tech-related projects. Mr. Hongwei Zhang, while congratulating members of the KIP on successful launching of their startups affirmed that his office will do its best in cooperating with them with respect to legal and operational issues while they stay in China to run their businesses.

Members of KIP, in their turn, expressed their gratitude and appreciation to both the directors of KIP and that of the visiting group. They, collectively, mentioned that the international community in KIP is growing thanks to the warm reception and supportive atmosphere of KIP and assisting approach of the Keqiao District administrative bureaus. They expressed their commitment to honor the open invitation for international entrepreneurs in the district. In line with that, Adrijana Vukic, a Shaoxing-based artist and startup owner at KIP, remarked that both the entrepreneurs and the staff at KIP are doing their level best in building a friendly and lively working atmosphere and that she is willing to invite her network of experts to be part of the community.

The startup owners also aired their views on ways to make the park an even more flourishing center for entrepreneurs and ways in which they, themselves, can integrate effectively with the Chinese society. They acknowledged the unique vision of KIP that puts foreign entrepreneurs at the center of its development, governing the project on the principle of Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs working together to promote, develop, and build a high-tech ecosystem; flourishing together, and striving for a common bright entrepreneurial future. Under this shared objective, these remarks were highly commended by the deputy director of the visiting organization and his team members. He, finally, opened the floor for a “Q & A” session in which members of the park asked questions on the issues discussed to which Mr. Hongwei Zhang legibly addressed.

Finally, the members of the Bureau had a one-on-one discussion with members of KIP and headed on to visit the facilities instituted in KIP.


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