Foreigners from park joined the Third Chinese Spring Orchid Festival

On February 22, foreigners went to The Third Chinese Spring Orchid Festival in Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the event, they followed orchid experts to learn more about orchids. While enjoying the beauty of orchids, they also participated in a series of handmade activities and felt the unique charm of orchid culture.


The foreigners were immersed in the atmosphere of the exhibition and showed a strong interest in orchids. They not only listened carefully to the experts’ explanation, but also tried to draw orchid patterns on the fan, cutting orchid-shaped window flowers and so on. At the end of the event, everyone expressed their desire to join the Orchid Society and exchange ideas with people around the world who are interested in orchids.

  Orchid is not only a beautiful flower, but also a symbol of culture. Through orchids, people from different countries and cultures can understand and appreciate each other so as to promote world peace and development. The exhibition has not only provided a good communication platform for foreigners, but also enhanced the influence and appeal of Chinese culture to promote cultural exchange between home and abroad.


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