Foreign friends in the park participate in the Keqiao District New Year Blessing Event for High-Level Talents from Home and Abroad.

On the afternoon of February 4th, the “Explore Intangible Cultural Heritage Techniques, Taste the New Year of Keqiao” welcoming event for high-level talents from home and abroad was held in Anchang Street, Keqiao District. Foreign friends from the cluster area, along with their families and friends, participated in the event. By immersing themselves in the traditional atmosphere of the town’s Lunar New Year festivities and experiencing traditional intangible cultural heritage crafts, appreciating Yue Opera, tasting Preserved Meat, writing Blessings they not only felt the strong Chinese New Year ambiance but also gained a profound sense of happiness and belonging.

Zhejiang (Shaoxing) High-Level Foreign Experts Innovation Center encourages foreign friends to engage in cross-cultural exchanges, allowing them to experience the rich traditions of Chinese New Year culture and creating a warm family haven for foreign talents.


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