The 2024 Second Talent and Innovation Week series of events “International Keqiao District, Towards a Bright Future” has successfully concluded

The 2024 Second Talent and Innovation Week series of events has successfully concluded, gathering foreign experts from around the world. This event gathered high-level overseas intellectual resources, promoting technological innovation, industrial upgrading, and project implementation.

As part of the “Ke·Innovation City” 2024 Second Talent and Innovation Week, this event fostered technological innovation and talent exchange, contributing significantly to technological cooperation and economic development.


Exchange activity

1 Opening Ceremony of Talent Science and Innovation Week

The opening ceremony of the Second Talent Science and Innovation Week, themed “Innovation Leads the Future, Talent Drives Development,” saw foreign experts witness Keqiao’s practical efforts in promoting industrial innovation and optimizing talent services. They learned about the entrepreneurial stories of talents settling in Keqiao and discussed cutting-edge technologies and industrial innovations.

2 International Keqiao District, Towards a Bright Future

The two-day “International Keqiao District, Towards a Bright Future” special docking activity was successfully held in Zhejiang (Shaoxing) High-level Foreign Experts Innovation Center. Over 20 foreign experts from France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Belgium, Iran and other countries gathered together to do a wonderful project roadshow in new materials, biomedicine, pan-semiconductor and other cutting-edge fields.

In addition, relying on the organizational attraction of science and innovation platforms such as the International Scientist Exchange Center and the International Talent Joint Innovation Center, the park has reached cooperation agreements with eight scientific research institutes, including the Biophotonics Laboratory of Ifrec of Osaka University, the Nanospectroscopy Laboratory of Osaka University, and  Vinçotte , to plan a landing project and introduce 2 young doctors.



3 Connect with corporates and institutionsDuring the event, Foreign experts visited local companies such as Lunisolar, Yingfeng Technology, Baoye Group and Modern Textile Technology Innovation Center. Through in-depth exchanges, they expanded their international perspectives, strengthened cultural understanding, and enhanced corporate innovation capabilities, thereby promoting future technological achievements.


Humanistic activities

1 Enjoy the local beauty

Additionally, the experts toured local attractions such as Yellow Wine Town, Anchang Ancient Town, Tusita Heaven, and Lanting Scenic Area, experiencing Keqiao’s historical culture and natural beauty, thus deepening their understanding and appreciation of the Keqiao’s charm.


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