Shanghai University of Finance and Economics visited and held an innovation and entrepreneurship practice base awarding ceremony

In order to better gather foreign talents and enhance the gathering atmosphere of the park, nearly 40 international students were organized to visit the park and related enterprises for social practice and experience Chinese culture on June 1th and June 2rd, 2024.

On June 1th, the students visited DSW HUB to understand the current situation and development plan of the park.




After that, the students went to the ancient town of Anchang to feel the local customs of the water town.



Then,students visited the Baoye Group.



on June 2rd,International students visited the park.



After the visit, Remo, director of the Sino-Italian Talent Innovation Center, and Yang Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of International Cultural Exchange, delivered speeches and signed the cooperation agreement between Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and the park, and carried out the awarding ceremony of the innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice base.





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