New Year’s visiting | “Unexpectedly, a sauced duck has a story”

Wondering on the ancient bluestone slab, looking at the sauced duck sausages all over the street, the awning boat floats slowly on the river, the town is bustling, mixed with the voice of Shaoxing’s traditional local accent… The taste of the year is particularly strong in the twelfth lunar month. Yesterday, a special group of foreign tourists came here to have a deep experience of Shaoxing’s water town and traditional folk culture.


BThey are all talents introduced by the “Sino-Italian Innovation Center for Talents and Entrepreneurs”, and settled in Zhejiang (Shaoxing) High-level Foreign Experts Innovation Centre. In response to the government’s call for “Stay local for the Spring Festival”, they chose to stay in China. The relevant person in charge from Keqiao District Talent Office said that these talents come from Morocco, Tanzania, Serbia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and other countries. Most of them are masters and doctors, and some have already started businesses in Keqiao.


Keqiao District Talent Office also arranged tour guides for these foreign talents and introduced them all the way. “Why are there so many sauced ducks, sausages, and dried fish?” Talents are so curious about the origin of these traditional Shaoxing delicacies. The tour guide explained that this has something to do with the culture of masters. In ancient times, most of the masters of Shaoxing came from Anchang. They traveled allover the country and worked for local government, often carrying with pickled, air-dried, easily-preserved sauces. Over time, they have become representatives of Anchang cuisine, loved by tourists from all over the country, and now they have developed into a major industry.


“It turns out that this is a place with a profound historical heritage.” Hamza from Morocco exclaimed. Since he came to China 4 years ago, he has been looking for entrepreneurial projects and a place to settle down. Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, etc., he left his footprints in many cities, but he has not stayed in each place for more than half a year. Until 2 years ago, he came to Keqiao and was attracted by the policies and entrepreneurial environment of Zhejiang (Shaoxing) High-level Foreign Experts Innovation Centre. Not only did he stay, but he also polished his projects, dedicated to the development of a platform for small and medium-sized textile enterprises to connect with the international market, to solve the pain points such as market demand, international standards, and logistics service. In 2019, he once visited the ancient town of Anchang, and just wandered around. This time, he visited Anchang Ancient Town again, he bluntly refreshed his understanding, “I didn’t expect a duck with sauce to have a story.”


At the door of the “Chen Ji Pull Sugar”, the owner Chen Guoli was pulling sugar by the porch of Lin river. This is not only a local flavor snack in Shaoxing, but its production skills are also Shaoxing’s municipal intangible cultural heritage. The long candy bars fluttered over the pillars like a silver dragon, attracting talents to stop and watch. Many people even took out their mobile phones to take pictures. Seeing this, Chen Guoli smiled and greeted: “Do you want to have a try?” Elisha from Tanzania couldn’t help but took the wooden stick in Chen Guoli’s hand and experienced the taste of pulling sugar under his guidance. Zhang Jianping, the deputy director of the Sino-Italian Innovation Center for Talents and Entrepreneurs was from Keqiao, and he took the opportunity to introduce him to the historical origin of sugar.


“Why do people here live along the river?” “How old is this bridge?” Along the way, foreign talents are full of interest in Shaoxing culture and folklore. In addition to the water street in the ancient town, they also visited the Anchang Shiye Museum, Suikang Bank, City God Temple, and other scenic spots. They ate authentic Shaoxing dishes at noon and were full of harvest.


The relevant person of the Talents Office said: “There are more and more foreign talents in Zhejiang (Shaoxing) High-level Foreign Experts Innovation Centre. It is hoped that through such cultural experience activities, foreign talents can truly know and fall in love with Shaoxing.” In the past two days, they are working hard to produce an English version of the brochure of Shaoxing tourist attractions, which will soon be distributed to foreign talents.


来源:越牛新闻                                                 编辑:谢媛

FROM: YUENIU NEWS                          Editor: Xie Yuan

Translator: Fancy, Jacob