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企业行 | Visiting Shaoxing Thunder Lighting Co., Ltd.(绍兴世通光电有限公司)

3rd Sep, the group from KIP go for visiting Shaoxing Insta Displays Co., Ltd., and Mr. Jordan Jiang, CEO of the company, received us and introduced the products.

Shaoxing Insta Displays Co., Ltd. has 10 years of experience in advertising signage illumination. Mr.Jiang introduced a lot of products.

Later he shows a kind of sky picture of an huge size LED Ceilling Lamp like 1.5meters by 4 meters, and could have three ways to control it, the remote control could adjust color temperature like the lamps lights when you like the cold white or Warm White light, and that’s will control the light temperature around from 6500k to 2700k , So 6500k , it’s close to blue, just like the day time with super nice blue sky up . Also you will get switch to more yellow color , that is better for reading and writing.

And also the product could control it by the Smart phone APP which called Tuya App, so you can turn it on/off or more brighter or warmer light ,also tunable color temperatures by the Tuya App. The App includs lots of sences, also can be custom design your own sences. And can be compatible with sunset/sunrise, whatever you can set by yourself.  It can be voice-controlled by the third-party service set, supported by Tianmao, Baidu, Xiao Mi , Google things, Amazon Echo,and so on . Only your room with internet service, you can control it whereever you spot any place in the world.

And then KIP discussed with Mr. Jiang some others products, the work method of products and the overseas marketing in the LED field.


Shaoxing Insta Displays Co., Ltd. is a professional and high-tech company serving LED advertising signage illumination. We insist on taking LED Advertising Signage illumination which including background, side lighting illumination as core products to research, dedicated ourselves to providing systematic and professional LED Light Box, Signage, solutions for clients. Many experts and experienced LED technicians in this field have been gathered as our core staff. We specialize in providing the most suitable solution by the choosing and combination of different LED items, for example, back-lit led bars or edge-lit led bars, according to different clients’ requests. Most of the products have passed requirements for CE Certificates and UL Certificates. All the products conform to the RoHS standards and have been completely proven to be independent innovations and intellectual property. We have more than 30 patents that have been approved or are being applied for. We have 12 years in design and producing led bars. And make a creation on Toolless lightbox , Dynamic lightbox. Rollable dynamic led curtain is our core product to build the easy and amazing dynamic lightbox world. Inspiring Brands to Life! This culture always inspires us to make the products different and Keep heading.

KIP Corporate visit Jianye Curtain Wall Factory

On August 18th, KIP and the talent team visited Zhejiang Jianye Curtain Wall Decoration Co., Ltd. and discussed talents and project information exchanged with the company.

Jianye Curtain Wall now plans to realize the transformation of the digital factory, and plans to recruit talents to work full-time in the company and lead the digital factory transformation project. KIP has the talent and technology reserves in software development and software-driven hardware to transform factories to achieve digital transformation. Among them, mutual introductions and discussions on the status quo, needs, and talents of the company were conducted in the meeting to check the fit between talents and the company.

Finally, the KIP talent team conducted a field visit and understanding of the digital transformation factory of Jianye Curtain Wall, and got a general understanding of the current first-generation equipment, and also had a further understanding of the second-generation fully automated equipment and transformation requirements of Jianye Curtain Wall.

Company Introduction

Zhejiang Jianye Curtain Wall Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in August 1999, located in Xialu Town, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. The company occupies an area of more than 106 acres, has a comprehensive manufacturing base of 25,000 square meters, 10 internationally advanced production lines for doors and windows, and curtain walls in elumatec(German) and Italy, with an annual production capacity of 1 million square meters. It has the first villa standard door and window storm experience in Zhejiang The base is a comprehensive door, window, and curtain wall system service provider integrating R&D, design, product manufacturing, and construction management. The company provides professional installation of door and window curtain wall engineering and intelligent manufacturing of door and window products. It has implemented long-term technical strategic cooperation with well-known door and window system companies at home and abroad, such as Liaoning Zhengdian, Shenyang Ledao, and German Schüco, and has become Greentown Group and Kerry Group in products. , Agile Group, Wanda Group, Sino-Ocean Group, Jinchang Group, Beichen Group, and many other well-known real estate companies qualified suppliers and reached strategic partnerships. The projects are undertaken successively won the National Quality Project Award, Zhejiang Qianjiang Cup, and many other awards including the Magnolia Cup.

KIP Hosted Visitors from the Bureau of HR & Social Security

In the afternoon of 12th August, a team of distinguished visitors from the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Shaoxing City made a visit to Keqiao International Park (KIP). The team was led by Professor Yi Lili, deputy director of  the Bureau and assoicate professor at Central Party School. The team was welcomed by the Director, Administrative Manager and other staff at KIP, and start-up owners and entrepreneurs from the park.

The meeting began by the Director of KIP giving a general overview about the park and the activities it promotes. Having the floor handed over to her, the Officer expressed her appreciation to the warm reception she and her team received and right away delved into the objective of her visit. She first, and foremost, expressed her keen interest in knowing how and why the entrepreneurs chose particularly Shaoxing to start up their ventures. The entrepreneurs, in their turn, reflected on what made them base their decision to select the city to run their business operations. Here are a few of the many remarks made:

Omar said he based his decision after doing preliminary research and consulting friends who already have been doing their business in Shaoxing. Nevertheless, he remarked, coming up with tangible information particularly had been challenging given the fact that online platforms do not accommodate the needs of foreigners when it comes to getting the necessary information to base their decisions mainly due to language barriers. Hamza attributed his choice to the community and family-like atmosphere at KIP and the supportive governmental structures in Keqiao a fact which was backed by subsequent entrepreneurs who voiced their views. Equally important, the entrepreneurs remarked, is the possible network of like-minded people one can easily be connected with.

Tomas emphasized on the aspects that having a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and a reliable support system in Keqiao would allow for aspiring entrepreneurs to build a promising future for the city while at the same time enhancing their own personal development. For Adriana the reason she chose KIP particularly to base her business was the supportive environment in the park and her prospects to boost her art and design business. Overall, the entrepreneurs expressed their anticipation to do more and better under the umbrella of KIP.The Officer asked, again, to know how the participants would like to attract other foreigners and investors or, conversely, how the Nation should open up for foreigners. One of the comments given was to ‘internationalize’ the websites and communication platforms in a way that suits foreigners in terms of content design and language used. Reaching out to foreigners via social media networks that would result in a tangible outcome as we are in an era where social media is prevalent all across the globe was also among the other important comments made.

Finally, the Officer and her team had the time to look at products’ display by ventures at the park.
Slogan that would represent entrepreneurship in Keqiao (and Shaoxing in general) in entrepreneurs’ words:
“Foreigner recruit foreigner” – Hamza
“Under the wings of Shaoxing you can go far” – Pacifique



Shaoxing High-Level Talent INNOV & Entrepreneurship Competition

On July 29, the launching ceremony of the 6th Shaoxing high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China and abroad, and the press conference of the 2021 Design Intelligence Award (DIA) China and Forbes China Design (FCD) selection were officially held. The event was organized by China Academy of Fine Arts, the Organization Department of Keqiao, the CPC Shaoxing Municipal Committee, the CPC Shaoxing Keqiao District Committee, and the people’s Government of Shaoxing Keqiao District was sponsored by the FCD selection organizing committee.

As stakeholders in the competition, startup owners, entrepreneurs, and directors, and administrative staff of Keqiao International Park (KIP) attended the live event at KIP premises. Several other participants made their appearance taking part from across the nation including participants from renowned universities in the country such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tiangong University, etc.


DIA, the leading international award for design and innovation, was established by the highly reputed China Academy of Art in 2015 to promote the imagination and creativity of designers and entrepreneurs. The competition is free to enter, and the total monetary award of the grand prize amounts to 750,000 US dollars. The competition provides a platform for enterprises to promote international trade, expand international networks, and tap business opportunities. It also serves as a platform for evaluation, promotion, and communication of design, being an accelerator bringing innovation to the industry and the future.


At the same time, KIP has also received video messages from some of its partners expressing their congratulatory remarks on the occasion of the announcement of the launching of the competition. These valued partners include Liberato Manna, Associate Director for Materials and Nanotechnologies Area of the Italian Institute of Technology; Zeev Zalevsky, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Bar-Ilan University in Israel, Academician of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering; and Nazim Agoulmine, Vice-president International Relations of the University of Evry Val d’Essonne, former director of the ICT and Mathematics (NuMa) department at ANR (NSF France).

Liberato Manna, Associate Director for Materials and Nanotechnologies Area of the Italian Institute of Technology

Zeev Zalevsky, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Bar-Ilan University in Israel, Academician of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Nazim Agoulmine, Vice-president International Relations of the University of Evry Val d'Essonne, former Director of the ICT and Mathematics (NuMa) department at ANR (NSF France)

Here, we share some comments startup owners and entrepreneurs at KIP made:

Tomas Noordermeer, a startup owner at KIP noted “We didn’t know what to expect of this event. Therefore, it was great to see so many people in the park joining in this meeting together. The selection of online participants was also very impressive, including incubators, accelerators, and internationally focused investment companies from all over China.” Tomas went on to add that he is new to Keqiao, and has landed here only recently. He mentioned that he learned about the competition only recently and his expectations were blank. However, he remarked, joining this meeting he realized how fast Keqiao is developing, with advanced infrastructure, developed industry, and a solid plan for the future. He summed up his views by saying “the meeting was organized very professionally and convinced me that it’s an absolute honor to potentially participate in this competition with many interesting and innovative companies with great ideas that will contribute to Keqiao’s bright future.”

Hamza Benatmane an entrepreneur here at KIP commented “The meeting was a great success. Our Direktic team members and I were present during the conference at Keqiao International Center and we appreciated everyone who took the time to celebrate yet another milestone of Zhejiang Province and Keqiao District to support high talent entrepreneurs’ projects. I am looking forward to this competition.”

Other participants echoed some of the above remarks particularly those appreciating the organizing committee of KIP, expressing their eagerness and interest in partaking in the competition and how the event broadened their awareness of the abovementioned contest. No doubt, the event has been insightful for the participants.
China Shaoxing high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship competition which has been held for five consecutive sessions since 2016 is one of the highest, largest and most influential talent introduction at home and abroad in Shaoxing.

KIP Hosted Visitors from Wenzhou Sci-Tec Association

In the morning hours of July 20, 2021 directors from Wenzhou Science and Technology Association visited Keqiao International Park. During their visit, the honored guests learned the story of the park from its inception to its current level as they toured in the park guided by members of KIP explaining the photo gallery depicting various activities including the park’s collaboration with external partners.

The administrators of KIP briefed the visitors on the origin of the cooperation between the park and Italy, elucidating how the relation developed to include other countries such as France and Morocco with Italy at the center.

The director of KIP mentioned that he gained huge insight when he visited Italy in 2020. The transformation of the many textile enterprises and factories in Italy to incubator and innovation parks exclusively dedicated to scientific and technological development has been not only challenging but also inspirational. This transformation markedly coincides with the development of Shaoxing, which has allowed both parties to learn from one another.

The visitors on their side expressed their thanks and appreciated the efforts being undertaken at KIP to promote innovation-led entrepreneurial activities and conveyed their respect and admiration to the achievements the park has thus far realized.

15th July | Zhejiang Foreign Experts Bureau Visits KIP

On July 15, 2021, Keqiao International Park (KIP) hosted distinguished officers from Zhejiang Foreign Experts Bureau. Led by deputy director of the Bureau Mr. Hongwei Zhang, the group’s visit aimed at discussing major issues with members of KIP to help them have a dynamic entrepreneurship environment where they can continue to grow their businesses while successfully integrating with the Chinese community.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Hongwei Zhang thanked the director of KIP, Mr. Jianping Zhang for inviting the group over to the park and delivered a welcoming note to all members of KIP. Mr. Hongwei Zhang assured foreign entrepreneurs in KIP that they are welcome to be part of the Chinese entrepreneurial ecosystem. He first, and foremost, acknowledged the efforts undertaken by Mr. Jianping Zhang and his staff in building a thriving community of international talents and entrepreneurs and expressed his optimistic expectations that the community will grow even bigger so that it will contribute meaningfully to the Chinese economy. Moreover, he emphasized on the fact that the talents and entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their startups in Keqiao are highly expected to call up on their colleagues and networks to be part of the thriving science and technology-based Chinese economy. This will be highly appreciated, he noted, especially if the prospective entrepreneurs focus on science- and tech-related projects. Mr. Hongwei Zhang, while congratulating members of the KIP on successful launching of their startups affirmed that his office will do its best in cooperating with them with respect to legal and operational issues while they stay in China to run their businesses.

Members of KIP, in their turn, expressed their gratitude and appreciation to both the directors of KIP and that of the visiting group. They, collectively, mentioned that the international community in KIP is growing thanks to the warm reception and supportive atmosphere of KIP and assisting approach of the Keqiao District administrative bureaus. They expressed their commitment to honor the open invitation for international entrepreneurs in the district. In line with that, Adrijana Vukic, a Shaoxing-based artist and startup owner at KIP, remarked that both the entrepreneurs and the staff at KIP are doing their level best in building a friendly and lively working atmosphere and that she is willing to invite her network of experts to be part of the community.

The startup owners also aired their views on ways to make the park an even more flourishing center for entrepreneurs and ways in which they, themselves, can integrate effectively with the Chinese society. They acknowledged the unique vision of KIP that puts foreign entrepreneurs at the center of its development, governing the project on the principle of Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs working together to promote, develop, and build a high-tech ecosystem; flourishing together, and striving for a common bright entrepreneurial future. Under this shared objective, these remarks were highly commended by the deputy director of the visiting organization and his team members. He, finally, opened the floor for a “Q & A” session in which members of the park asked questions on the issues discussed to which Mr. Hongwei Zhang legibly addressed.

Finally, the members of the Bureau had a one-on-one discussion with members of KIP and headed on to visit the facilities instituted in KIP.









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